by Dave Cooke

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Recorded live at MG studio, Kuranda, North Queensland over two days in March 2010.

Mixed and produced by Mick Porter and Dave Cooke.


released April 1, 2010

All songs written by Dave Cooke.

Dave Cooke - Vocals, Tarrant 8 string acoustic guitar, Tarrant 6 string OM acoustic guitar, lap slide acoustic guitar, didgeridoos, stomp box and shakers.

Billy Tarrant - Tabla on tracks 1,3,4,7 & 10.
Cajon on tracks 5,6,8 & 9.

Mick Porter - Shakers on track 3.



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Dave Cooke Cairns, Australia

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Track Name: hieroglyphs
Move beyond creation because it works,
Hold beyond your fears, keep one ear to the earth,
One eye on your conscience one on your heart,
your legs were made to run you out of the dark.

Maybe happiness is a myth, some days are just a maze of hieroglyphs, it can be hard to read the signs but always on this mountain you must climb.

The maker makes his bet then roles the dice,
today a billion people will eat nothing but a bowl of rice, they ask for help from above to feed the ones they love, their gratitude matched only buy their grace.

Dependence on what's real depends on you,
the freedom that you feel can quickly become the glue, that holds the fragile walls between success and a nasty fall, are you hungry for the wild or just for you...
Track Name: Pantomime
She left home just a week ago, fell away like the rust from old steel, dissolved, in a cup that never seemed quite full enough but I know...

A soft breeze comes through the scrub, scatters all the leaves with a wind that deceives, gives me hope but then it's still, the silence moves in for the kill, but I know...

It was just a pantomime and the actors all did fine, but I forgot that there was no lines and I fell out of time.

Outside the monsoon blooms, traps me in a cage, this damp room makes me think way too much, the sky gets ready to deliver it's punch and I know...

If we can never be whats in our hearts then we're sure to remain a world apart, but I wont lay down like that and I'll always tip my hat to love and I know...
Track Name: Blind
I went down to the river to wash you clean away but I could scrub for a life time, I know you'd never fade.

So in the rhythms of the water and the sand between my toes, I will find some solace there in the ebb and flow.

And I dont mind, I dont mint at all, if love is blind, then it's blind, sometimes we will fall.

I lay there on the grassy knoll, I had you in my sights, but I could not pull the trigger no, I was frozen with desire.

Your nakedness still makes me swim, still puts me in a trance, when this earth first welcomed you all creation danced.

I stood there in front of your tank, waited to be run down, some things can't be taken back and I will wear that crown.

I set myself on fire to sacrifice our pain, then you took me to the river and washed my fears away.
Track Name: Aphrodisiac
Am I your city lights, or just a candle in the night?
Is my heart the soft neon glow, will your soul float there?